Video per imparare Internet

1. How does the Internet work? A simple explanation of how your web browser finds the website you are looking for.

2. Who invented the Internet and why? This video will tell you exactly how Timothy Berners-Lee great invention came to be.

3. The World Wide Web is not the Internet. Find out the differences between the two.

4. How much does the Internet weigh? Information has weight, but how much?

5. What is the Deep Web? The Deep Web is not as scary as you might think.

6. What is net neutrality and why is it important? The Internet is being censored and you can help stop it.

7. What’s the deal with Internet comedy? The Internet is opening all kinds of avenues for the creation of comedy.

8. Why videos go viral. Find out why silly YouTube videos get seen by millions.

9. Visual culture online. People collaborate and memes are formed.

10. Ten mind blowing facts about the Internet. Facts you might not know about the web.